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4th of July

By Whitney Rousseau

Maybe I should have titled this the 2nd-4th of July.  You see, on the mountain, we celebrate Independence Day a little differently.  There are many options, and most people I know go to two of them every year.  Here are the three celebrations:


The fireworks at Lake Gregory are never on the actual 4th of July.  This holiday is always celebrated on the Saturday before or after the 4th, whichever is closer.  They may not be on the actual Independence Day, but the town doesn’t let that stop them from going all out!  There is a parade, and the town roads are closed off for most of the day.  People gather in the streets in the evening and set out their blankets and chairs to get ready for the firework show over the lake.  Some people are even on the shores of the lake to watch.  Most people are decked out in their red, white, and blue.  Many wear things like glow sticks, or wave all sorts of toys that light up.  It’s like one big community party.

DSC05501Lake Arrowhead:

The firework show in Lake Arrowhead has always been on the 4th itself, however this year it was on the third. (This allowed me to visit all three shows for the first time.)  In my opinion, it is the best firework show around because of the prime seating.  My friends and I sit on the back of a boat, or on a dock, with the fireworks exploding over head.  As you can see, many people take their boats out and enjoy the show on the water.  There really is nothing like it.  The boom actually shakes you, and the colors and light make you feel like a kid again.  It is a beautiful sight to behold.  The show is a big deal as well.  Parking lots everywhere around town are filled and people shuttled to the village for the show.


Big Bear Lake:

This show was big, just like its lake.  It was an awesome experience to view these fireworks from the shores around the lake.  This was my first time, like I said, and the show was not a disappointment.

Those are the three options the mountain folks have for Independence Day.  It may be different than most places, but we love it up here.  The staff of Twin Peaks Christian Conference Center is blessed to live on this mountain and we all enjoy it very much.  We love sharing our mountain and it’s traditions with you.