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Rose Vanilla Latte

With Spring right around the corner, blooming flowers and the beauty of new life is on our minds! In honor of this spectacular time of year we decided to make the March Drink of the Month our Rose Vanilla Latte. This latte is delicious simply because the floral notes of rose compliment the subtle sweetness …


Cappuccino or Latte?

I can guarantee answering several questions is not what you want to do first thing in the morning.  Unfortunately, it’s inevitable.  We have questions to ask like “What type of drink?” or “What size would you like?”.  You may just want a simple espresso coffee with steamed milk.  Still, there is another question “Cappuccino or …


Upper Room Drinks: Summer Drinks

Exciting news!  We now have a line of summer drinks.  Next time you are up try one of them: Cotton Candy Frappuccino, Peaches & Cream Italian Soda, Strawberry & Chocolate Italian Soda, Lemonade (Regular, Peach, Strawberry, or Peach). Tastes like summer!