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More than a Carpenter

by Whitney Rousseau

Have you ever wondered what an atheist thinks or what they would think if they really looked into the claims of Jesus and the historical accuracy of His words? If you have, you should read this book.  Josh McDowell was an atheist who thought Christians were ridiculous and the Bible was completely fake.  He was challenged by some friends to prove that the Bible is wrong, and he accepted that challenge.  He never believed the challenge would lead him to accepting Christ!

How does a man go from saying “Christianity, ha! That’s for unthinking weaklings, not intellectuals.” to becoming that “weakling”?  700 hours of research, that’s how.  Don’t worry though!  I know you have a busy life.  You don’t have to do 700 hours of research (but if you want, more power to you!).  Instead, Josh McDowell has combined his findings into one simple, coherent book.  You should definitely find the time to read that.

I am already a Christian, why should I read that?”  I hear you.  One of the great things about this book is it can teach everyone, even Christians.  I delighted in seeing all the evidence and being reassured that my God is a trustworthy God.  It invigorated me, and renewed my awe for Him.  I learned many new things, and saw things from a different perspective.  For example, there is a chapter titled “Lord, Liar, or Lunatic” which stated that He cannot simply be a good teacher.  If He wasn’t Lord, then He was lying.  He taught against lying so He would be a hypocrite.  If He wasn’t lying He had to be crazy.  Fortunately, the author lays out the reasons He was most likely not lying or crazy, so He MUST be Lord.

Anyway, I don’t want to give away too much.  I will let you read it for yourself!  Pick up a copy next time you are with us.