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Prayer Journal

It’s been about three years since I started a prayer journal.  Initially, I thought it might be hard to adjust to writing down my prayers but it wasn’t.  It happened so naturally, I began to prefer using the prayer journal to simply praying inside my head for several reasons.

Reason 1: I feel like I am writing a letter.  I start all my prayers with Dear ____________, and fill in what I need Him to be at that moment.  What I KNOW He will be for me in my time of need.  Daddy, Healer, Father, Lord, Almighty, Guider.

Reason 2: Since I am writing my prayers out like a letter, I articulate my thoughts more clearly and my words are more specific without rambling.  I began to really think about what I want to say to Him.

Reason 3: My thoughts don’t take off on rabbit trails.  I don’t know about you, but one minute I could be praying and the next I’m thinking about stuff I need to get done for work.  It is hard to admit but true.  Writing them down, I am more focused and deliberate.  I get much less distracted because I have to pay attention to what I am writing.

Reason 4: It gives me a place to list the prayer requests I hear.   I used to be notorious for saying “I’ll pray for you” and then completely forgetting to pray about it sometimes for weeks on end. Now, I have a page at the beginning of each month where I write down prayer requests and it is with me when I’m praying.  It makes it so easy to look back, and to remember prayer requests.

Reason 5: I can go back and see what I have previously prayed for, so I tangibly see my prayers answered more often.  I look back and think, “Wow, look how He answered those prayers and came through for me.” It gives me a more grateful attitude getting to see all God has done for me.

I used a simple composition notebook for my prayer journal at first, but now I bought a fancy journal because the journal is more intimate for me and just felt more special.  My journal has become something I treasure.

I don’t use it all the time.  There are times I can’t just sit down and write prayers out.  Sometimes I have to just shoot up a prayer right where I am at.  We are supposed to pray without ceasing after all, right?  Also, I’m sure it doesn’t work the same for everyone, but I believe it is definitely worth a shot.  You just might love it!

So next time you are up here for your retreat, check out the Upper Room Bookstore.  We have many different types and styles of journals.  Even coloring journals and journaling Bibles.  You are sure to find one you love, and start your adventure with your Father.